The most advanced Sniper Bot

Telegram scrapping, Multichain, Multiwallet, Liquidity detection, Trailing stop, stop loss, Honeypot detection, taxes detection, user-friendly interface and much more...

See it in action


See it in action

What makes it unique?

Telegram scrapping

Automatically reads the contract/link from Telegram channels, public and private groups. It can scan hidden text formats and files.

Full support provided

You also buy the guaranteed support for questions and suggestions.

Notification sounds

Each time the bot detects a contract and snipes it, it will make a sound.

Free updates

You receive all new updates for free.

Time to sell

You can set the amount of seconds to wait to sell the tokens

Multiple buys

From each one of your wallets you can send multiple buys at a time.

Automated profit sell

The bot can automatically sell when it hits your desired X profits.

Auto approval

The tokens are automatically approved.

Taxes detection

You can specify the max buy and sell tax.

Multi wallet

You can configure up to 11 wallets to snipe at the same time.

Decide the fees

You can set your own gas price and gas limit.

Honeypot and trading detection

The bot can detect possible honeypots or disabled trading tokens

Multi chain

PancakeSwap (BSC), Uniswap (ETH), SpookySwap (FTM), TraderJoe (AVAX), MMFinance (CRONOS) and MilkySwap (MILKADA), SushiSwap (Arbitrum), DogeChain, Core, Base and more...

Stop loss

The bot will automatically sell your tokens to reduce the loss.

Trailing stop

The bot will wait for the price to go as high as possible before selling

TGSniperBOT customer reviews

About me

"I started all this on August 2nd. I couldn't find any reliable sniper bot, so I had to make one for myself. After a while using it, I noticed there was a big potential around it. Therefore, I decided to improve it and with people's feedback, I created the first 1.0.0 version for selling. After that, I've never stopped improving it. Nowadays, after getting a giant number of reviews, I can tell TGSniperBOT is the most advanced sniping bot available."

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TGSniperBOT is the star product for sniping. You can start your own business and start reselling it. We also offer white-label solutions. Feel free to get in touch.

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